Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Book Request with “Inter Library Loan”

For Library Users “Ulusal Toplu Katalog(TO KAT)” & Filling Out The ILL Form

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Utilization Rules for the Members of Istanbul Medipol University

  • With the InterLibrary Loan service, resources not available in the library collections are provided for our users from other university libraries. Only academicians, graduate and doctorate students can benefit from this service.

For the books or articles requested, the users

  • can scan them at to determine whether or not they are available in our library,
  • in case they are not available in the library, it should be confirmed from the catalog search page of the library where the resources will be requested that the resources are on the shelf.
  • Requests should be made to the Responsible Librarian Şevval Gündüz   with “Interlibrary Borrowing Request Form ”by contacting through [email protected]
  • In order to put the requests into process correctly and on time, the form need to be filled completely.
  • Requests with incomplete information and not found in any library are notified to the user and canceled.
  • When the request reaches the library, users are informed by e-mail. After user recieve the e-mail, they should get the material from the library within 3 days. Material, which is not received within 3 days will be returned.
  • The extension is done in accordance with the rules of the lending library.
  • Users should return publications to our library in time. The user is responsible for the materials that are delayed and the penalties of the lending library are applied.
  • In the event that the borrowed material is lost or damaged by the user, the user is responsible and the rules of the lending library apply.
  • The resources requested from our library are shipped within 3 working days at the latest. A maximum of 5 resources are sent at one time. 1 book extension is provided for each book.
  • Shipping and postage fees are covered by the library.

For Other Universities

  • ILL requests are met through Ankos ICTS(Interlibrary Cooperation Tracking System).
  • For books, a maximum of 5 books will be sent for 30 days, including the time passed during posting.
  • The extension process is carried out once and 30 days upon the approval by us.
  • In order to fulfill the requests in a timely and complete manner, the forms must be filled in correctly and completely. Requests made with incomplete and incorrect information cannot be met and will be notified to the requesting institution by e-mail.
  • DVD, reference sources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, theses) private collections, reserved collection and periodicals are not borrowed through ILL.
  • If users of the Istanbul Medipol University Library need books borrowed between libraries, the library reserves the right to recall the publications. The borrowed books must be returned to the library within 72 hours of the recall announcement made to the relevant library.
  • Istanbul Medipol University Library borrowing rules apply for lost, damaged and returned materials.
  • Cargo / stationery expenses are covered by the university library that creates the request.
  • Please provide your cargo shipments with PTT Cargo.