General Terms and Conditions


Article 1: General Terms and Principles has been prepared to determine the definition and organization of Istanbul Medipol University Library and Documentation Department Central Library, the principles of the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the employees.


Article 2: In the General Terms and Principles;
a) “University” means: Istanbul Medipol University,
b) “Department” means: Library and Documentation Department,
c) “Material” means: All kinds of materials used in the library,
d) “User” means: Persons who wish to benefit from library services.


Article 3: The General Terms and Conditions cover the procedures and principles regarding the use and lending of resources or materials and sanctions to be applied in case of non-compliance.

Establishment objectives

Article 4: The library is the institution established and providing services to support the education, training and scientific research activities of the university, to provide the necessary source of information and to respond to the need for printed and electronic information and documents.

Use in the Library

Article 5: Users who wish to use the materials in the library must comply with the following rules;
a) It is forbidden to consume food, drink and all kinds of food and to smoke in the library.
b) Users are obliged to protect their personal belongings. Library personnel are not responsible for the theft of their belongings.
c) Guest users can use the library with permission from the library management.
d) It is forbidden to speak loudly or by mobile phone or make noise in the library.

e) It is forbidden to hold a place in the library. Unused space over 20 minutes is offered to other users.

Benefitting from the Library

Article 6: External researchers can use the library by showing their identities. Due to the inter-university cooperation, the library serves the faculty and students of other universities. However, faculty members from other universities can only borrow through the university library of their own.

Principles of borrowing

a)University academic and administrative staff can borrow 15 books for 45 days and undergraduate students can borrow 5 books for 30 days.
b) The borrower has all the responsibility until the return of the borrowed material.
c) Users have to give their e-mail addresses and telephone information to the personnel. The results of false or other mail notifications belong to the user.
d) If there is no other requestor of the borrowed material, an additional return period of 7 days can be given once.
e) The user may not receive any new material unless he / she does not return the material beyond his / her return date.
f) If necessary, the Department may request the borrowed material back. The requested material must be returned within 3 days.


Non-borrowed materials

Article 7: The following library materials cannot be borrowed:
a) Reference sources (Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, manuals etc.)
b) Periodicals
c) Dissertations
d) Atlas, maps and so on.
e) Other materials that are determined by the Department and which are not suitable for taking them out of the library.
The reader can use such materials only within the library.
Note. Reference sources can be borrowed for 3 hours. However, it cannot be borrowed for 21 days or 30 days.

Materials not returned on day

Article 8:
a) Delay penalty is applied to the materials that are not brought to the library on the return date. For borrowed reserve materials, a penalty of delay is applied to every hour not brought on time. The delay penalty applies to the days when the library is open.
b) Delay penalties cannot be canceled. Personnel in charge of advisory services or other library personnel are not authorized to cancel or postpone the delay penalty.
c) Readers who have started to apply the delay penalty and do not pay the delay penalty cannot borrow books from the library.

Worn and lost materials

Article 9:
For lost materials;
a) If the return date of the material has not passed: Price of the material + transaction fee (20% of the money received)
b) If the return date of the material has passed: Delay penalty + Price of the material + transaction price (20% of the money received)

Inter-library material borrowing

Article 10:
a) The inter-library borrowing service can be used by the staff of the university and graduate and doctorate students. The average time of arrival of the requested material is 4 business days.
b) The return and additional return periods of the borrowed material are according to the rules of the borrowed library.
c) User additional refund request is made one week before the return date.

Computer Usage

Article 11:
a) All users can use the computers in our library for research purposes.
b) The maximum time to use computers is 20 minutes.

External User

In order to benefit from our university library as an external user, a completed PhD. and further title is required. This scope may be used by our researchers who wish to use our library for academic research.

Rules for External User

  • External users who use the library for research purposes cannot benefit from the lending service and cannot take any materials out of the library.
  • They cannot provide off-campus access to databases.
  • Legal proceedings are initiated against users who damage any kind of material in the library and / or attempt to remove unauthorized material out of the library.
  • No group work and no audible work outside the designated areas are allowed.
  • Users are obliged to protect the good with them. Library cannot be held responsible for any theft, disappearance, etc. that will occur.
  • One cannot enter into the library with food or closed bottles except for water, tobacco products cannot be used.
  • Nothing is allowed to be recorded with devices such as camera, movie camera, etc. in the library without permission.
  • Personal belongings cannot be left in desks or individual study rooms for reservation purposes.
  • The equipment (table, chair, etc.) in the library can only be moved by the staff.
  • Talking on the mobile phones is not allowed in the library. During the time in the library, mobile phones are set to silent mode.
  • If deemed necessary by the Department of Library and Documentation, the rules may be revised.
  • All users are obliged to follow the library rules.