Delay Loss Sanctions

According to the General Terms and Principles;

Materials not returned on day

Article 8:

a) Delay penalty is applied to the materials that are not brought to the library on the return date. For borrowed reserve materials, a penalty of delay is applied to every hour not brought on time. The delay penalty applies to the days when the library is open.

b) Delay penalties cannot be canceled. Personnel in charge of advisory services or other library personnel are not authorized to cancel or postpone the delay penalty.

c) Readers whose delay penalty have been started to apply and who do not pay the delay penalty cannot borrow books from the library.

Worn and lost materials

Article 9:

For lost materials;
a) If the return date of the material has not passed: Price of the material + transaction fee (20% of the money received)
b) If the return date of the material has passed: Delay penalty + Price of the material + transaction price (20% of the money received)